Canine Cravers

About Us

Canine Cravers, part of the Pure Pals family of brands, provides nutritious offerings that appeal to pets. Using 100% natural ingredients, the line includes a variety of four pet treat flavors – Crispy Cod Skins, Farm Fresh Chicken, Tender Pork Thins and Premium Beef Fillets.

Treats have long presented a challenge for pet parents. While they are an important motivator during training and a great way to reward pets for good behavior, traditionally dog treats have been viewed as unhealthy & loaded with ingredients that should have no part of a dog’s regular daily diet.

The secret behind Canine Cravers is the natural ingredients. Each treat is packed with just one locally sourced, high quality ingredient and no fillers – that means no grains, gluten or soy. Each ingredient is air-dried using a specially designed process that combines heating and cooling powers to remove all water. The result is a natural, nutrient-dense, premium tasty treat for dogs, thereby helping with weight management as well.

Canine Cravers is veterinarian approved so rest assured, these protein-packed treats will surely supplement a dog’s diet leaving them satisfied and thriving!

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