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Canine Cravers Dog Food With An Emphasis On Food

When we realized our favorite furry friends were not even getting “food” in there doggy treats we knew we had to disrupt the dog food industry. All of our treats are “Just One” ingredient! The ultimate nutritional and transparent #cureforthecrave

- All Natural

- Hand Crafted

- Veterinarian approved  

- Human Grade & Gourmet Quality 

- No Grain, No Soy, No Second ingredient

- Air Dried to produce a natural, nutrient-dense premium tasty treat

What People and Dogs are Saying

Only the yummiest treats bring out the tongue bubbles 😂. Thanks to @caninecravers for the delicious treats! Mom loves them because they’re all natural and made with only one ingredient, and Simba loves them because they’re so tasty! 😋 

Insta Review 


This is a great quality treat. No garbage fillers. When you take it out of the package it is identifiable for what it is... I am very picky about what we feed our dogs and I'm so glad to have found such a high quality treat at such a reasonable price point! Can't wait to try out some of the other flavors!

Amazon Review


Canine Cravers Beef Fillets have become a favorite in our house! They quickly became four dog and mom approved! I love how they are one ingredient and healthy and the dogs love the addictive taste! They are light and crunchy but like their name are what the dogs crave. We've only tried the beef ones so far but with the pups instant love for them, can't wait to try their other flavors!

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