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Canine approved! Highly recommend

My dog loves them. The only treat I can trust and that my dog really loves.
She understands it's a healthy treat.

Good treat

Our dog has allergy to chicken and poultry so we are selective when it comes to her diets. This treat is natural and with only one ingredient based on their product description. We like this treat for our dog because it's healthy and exactly what we are looking for. She loves the treat so much.

Perfect treat for Diabetic Dog

My dog was recently diagnosed with Cushings Disease and Diabetes, which lead to big changes in what he could/couldn't have. He has to get injections twice a day, which is not fun for anyone. We wanted to find him a high value treat to give to him after he got his insulin. It was difficult to find something he enjoys that is approved, as we have to be careful of everything. These only have on ingredient! He loves these so much, he comes to find me after he eats his breakfast/dinner to remind me to give him his insulin so he can have a treat. I purchase them directly from Canine Cravers as when I purchase from Amazon and Chewy, they are usually packaged poorly and get to us in small little pieces/crumbs. Not what you want when you are trying to reward your. These are a game changer - like Meghan said below, they are puppy crack.

My dogs love these treats!!

Both of my dogs are on special diets and cannot have any carbs. These cod treats are perfect besides being a healthy treat for them. The only treat I will buy!!

Love love love

my dog goes crazy for these treats, my partner calls them puppy crack, haha

My doggo loves these!

As soon as I open the bag my pup knows! He loves these so much. I cannot believe this only have one ingredient! He has tried two different flavors from canine cravers and has liked them both the same.

The best crunchy treat!

All of my dogs love these! They are crunchy, smelly, and healthy! Great for a special snack or to use as high value treats! Very happy with cod skin being the only ingredient!

Awesome bully sticks!

My pup really loved the bully stick! He's around 65lbs and enjoyed this very much - he wishes he had more!
It was perfect size and lasted long as well. Highly recommend to any dog owners!

Too Good Not To Try!

All four dogs LOVED these! They are great quality and thicker, which we prefer. They are a healthy, all natural chew that our dogs can enjoy and we don't have to worry! Helps with keeping their tooth and gum health in tip top shape! We highly recommend these treats!

Best treats ever!

Bentley’s obsessed with these treats! We’re always looking for good ingredient treats for bentleys sensitive tummy and these agree with him! Can’t wait to try more flavors!!


My dogs absolutely loved these bully sticks! They were also a great size (thick) unlike some others I have ordered. Definitely worth it!

My dog's new favorite treat!

My husky is a huge fan of these. We've only tried the tender pork thins so far but we plan to check out the other flavors. My pup is super picky so it's always awesome to find a treat that she loves. We also really like that it only has one single ingredient.

6 inch bully stick

My little one is about 40lbs, 9months old, and still such a chewer! I was worried about bigger bully sticks but I found this to be the appropriate size for her! She thoroughly enjoyed it and it lasted long!


My dog just had surgery and the 12inch bully stick was perfect to keep her entertained while on the mend! I highly recommend it!

The Best Bully Sticks!!

My English Bulldog loves these Bully Sticks! I love that they have quality ingredients and that they last a while. Since being quarantined, these have sure given him something fun to do! I absolutely recommend Canine Cravers Bully Sticks!

Love them

Our corgis absolutely love them! And I love that they are last longer then most chews and help keep their teeth clean and also have best ingredients in them! With other chews they’d bite off pieces bigger then they can chew and would choke when swallowing at times and have issues digesting, with these they don’t have those issues. These bully sticks keep them occupied for hours of perfect happiness. We will be ordering more, hands down the best bully sticks we ever tried.

Great high reward treat for training!

Both of our pups love these treats. Great for training! I love that they are single ingredient. Lots of treats in the bag. Glad we decided to try these out!


My pups loved their bully sticks! I love them because they last longer than other chews and help keep the teeth clean! My Salvydog loves chews and will eat them so fast that he has issues sometimes with biting off bigger pieces than he can chew-but these he loved so much he tried to dig holes on our hike to save his for later. (He only does this with his absolute favorites.) I am happy to report we had no issues with digestion either. This is our second time trying treats from Canine Cravers and we definitely will keep trying more and more. Love our experience with them and the fast shipping.

This is exactly what we were looking for

I love that all of these treats are basically just one ingredient. These are the healthiest dog treats we’ve ever had, not to mention our dogs enjoy them the most. These are all natural, Human grade, handcrafted, and gourmet quality. I highly recommend these treats. You won’t be disappointed.

We woof it!

Tried these recently with our two pups and they went crazy over them. They are crunchy chicken goodness. I love that there’s no question about what they’re ingesting. They love that moms got treats! Worth it!

Farm Fresh Chicken

Premium Beef Fillets 5.3 oz Bag
Amberlee (Kumatheakitaa)

We had the pleasure of working with Canine Cravers through Pupfluence and really loved the premium Beef Fillets! Kuma was drooling immediately and begging for more! I like how they're only made with one ingredient and no fillers or junk! Usually Kuma is a hard boy to please when it comes to treats but the Beef Fillets were a HUGE HIT! Definitely will recommend to all our furiends!

Doggo approved

My pup Amelia LOVES THESE! We bring them to our training classes with us. Definitely recommend giving them a try!

Crispy Cod Skins 4 oz Bag
NancyJean Davis

Neither one of my fur babies would touch them

Cod skins for the win

Fang loves these new treats. They have a solid crunch and only one ingredient. Although I am less of a fan of the smell, I think that makes Fang love them even more. Good product and made in Canada!