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Crispy Cod Skins 4 oz Bag
Crispy Cod Skins 4 oz Bag
Crispy Cod Skins 4 oz Bag
Crispy Cod Skins 4 oz Bag
Crispy Cod Skins 4 oz Bag
Crispy Cod Skins 4 oz Bag
Crispy Cod Skins 4 oz Bag

Crispy Cod Skins 4 oz Bag

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  • ALL-NATURAL DOG TREATS: Your pets deserve the best! Our healthy dog treats are made using 1 simple human grade ingredient. With no hidden ingredients our dog food has no soy, no gluten, no grains and no second ingredient. You can rely on real ingredients for your best friend.
  • COD. ONLY COD: Don’t let your dog eat preservatives, additives and by-products. Our protein and Omega-3 rich fish skins are made with just one ingredient. Our crispy cod treats are wild caught in Alaska using sustainable longline fishing methods while being air dried and made in Canada. So you can rely on premium quality.
  • DOGS & CATS LOVE IT: Our freshly made treats will leave your pup begging for more! The 100% natural ingredients provide the purest taste that dogs and even some cats love! It’s perfect for picky eaters and they’re veterinarian approved too!
  • PERFECT TRAINING REWARDS: Whether you’re teaching your dog some new tricks or training a new puppy our handmade treats are just the motivation your four-legged friend needs. They’re easy to break into smaller pieces for training.
  • MADE FOR HEALTH: Treat your dog with the very best in nutrition. Our unique air drying technique uses a combination of cooling and healing power to remove water from meats at low temperatures so that your pet’s foods stay wholesome and nutritious for longer.
  • NEW IN 2020 LOW ODOR COD SKINS: With slight adjustments to our air drying process we have significantly reduced that fishy odor! #dogapproved


Alaskan Cod Skin
Crude Protein Min. 86.6%
Crude Fat Min. 3.0%
Crude fiber Max. 0.0%
Moisture Max. 5.0%
3.26 kcal/g
Feed to train, reward and spoil. Always supervise your dog when eating and have fresh, clean water available. 
Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. 
Shelf Life: 24 months from date of manufacture.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

The yummiest! Canine Cravers Crispy Cod Skins Treats are a pup's dream come true! These treats are simply paw-some – the crunchiness is off the charts, and the flavor is out of this world. I love that they're made with just one ingredient, Alaskan Cod Skins, and they're packed with protein and Omega-3s to keep me healthy and happy. Plus, knowing they're sustainably sourced makes me feel even better about devouring them. Whether it's for training or just a tasty snack, these treats always get a five-star rating from me! Highly recommended!

Woof! Perfect for fish lovers!

As a foodie, I bark for all kinds of fish! This cod skin is super crunchy, and I relish every single bite!

My dog is raw fed and these are perfect

My dog loves these and not only him I do because they’re one ingredient and I’m glad they’re as we watch he eats well.

Amanda Koch
My dogs love these!

These are my dog’s favorite treat! They always come running when they hear the bag come out. I love that they get fish oils into their diet from them!

Karen Reda
My dogs love these treats!!

Both of my dogs are on special diets and cannot have any carbs. These cod treats are perfect besides being a healthy treat for them. The only treat I will buy!!